Serenity Prayer Wall Decal’ 33 x 35-inch Wall Decal



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Details:God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. A very universal prayer used all around the world, this serenity prayer holds to be so true in life. Display it in places where you can read it when you need to see it most. The largest size will come in two pieces to make it easier to apply. Feel free to cut your decal apart, arrange and apply as you see fit. Our decals come in a matte finish with the exception of silver and gold, which come in s nice sheen. Each order includes our free decal of the month which provides great practice for beginners. The available sizes describe the decal in its entirety from side to side and top to bottom. Our decals are easy to install and remove without damage. Each order comes with detailed instructions and an application card. This size comes in Two (2) pieces to make it easier to apply.Features: Our wall decals measure tip to tip and can be applied to any smooth surface.State: OhioIncludes: Wall decal, application instructions, practice decal and applicator cardColor: Black, white, silver grey, dark grey, light beige, mocha, chocolate brown, gold, basic orange, copper, plum purple, lavender, basic yellow, mustard yellow, creamy yellow, John Deere green, forest green, olive green, lime green, seafoam green, navy blue, basic blue, baby blue, Olympic blue, teal, baby pink, hot pink, basic red, cranberryMaterials: Vinyl decals, transfer tapeDimensions: 33 inches wide x 35 inches tallAbout the Manufacturer:In 2007, Sweetums Signatures was born. Made and produced right here in Ohio, we are a small business tailoring to the decor and service needs of our customers. From indoor wall decals to outdoor signage, we are built on core values of hard work, family and delivering on our promises to our customers. We believe that every home deserves a designer look without a designer price tag.This custom-made item will ship within 1-10 business days.Country of Origin: United States

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Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Basic blue, Black, Brown, copper, Cranberry, Creamy Yellow, Dark Grey, Forest green, Gold, Green, Hot Pink, lavender, Light Beige, Lime Green, mocha, Mustard, Navy blue, Olive Green, Olympic Blue, Orange, Plum Purple, Red, Seafoam Green, Silver, Teal, White, Yellow


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